Safeguarding and protection from abuse (healthcare services)

Page last updated: 12 May 2022
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S1. How do systems, processes and practices keep people safe and safeguarded from abuse?

S1.1 How are safety and safeguarding systems, processes and practices developed, implemented and communicated to staff?

S1.2 How do systems, processes and practices protect people from abuse, neglect, harassment and breaches of their dignity and respect? How are these monitored and improved?

S1.3 How are people protected from discrimination, which might amount to abuse or cause psychological harm? This includes harassment and discrimination in relation to protected characteristics under the Equality Act.

S1.4 How is safety promoted in recruitment practice, arrangements to support staff, disciplinary procedures, and ongoing checks? (For example, Disclosure and Barring Service checks.)

S1.5 Do staff receive effective training in safety systems, processes and practices?

S1.6 Are there arrangements to safeguard adults and children from abuse and neglect that reflect relevant legislation and local requirements? Do staff understand their responsibilities and adhere to safeguarding policies and procedures, including working in partnership with other agencies?

S1.7 Do staff identify adults and children at risk of, or suffering, significant harm? How do they work in partnership with other agencies to ensure they are helped, supported and protected?

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NHS 111 services

S1.8 How are standards of cleanliness and hygiene maintained? Are there reliable systems in place to prevent and protect people from a healthcare-associated infection?

S1.9 Do the design, maintenance and use of facilities and premises keep people safe?

S1.10 Do the maintenance and use of equipment keep people safe?

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NHS 111 services

S1.11 Do the arrangements for managing waste and clinical specimens keep people safe? (This includes classification, segregation, storage, labelling, handling and, where appropriate, treatment and disposal of waste.)