Your inspection report: GP practices

Page last updated: 17 April 2023
Organisations we regulate

After each inspection we publish an inspection report on our website normally within 50 days of the inspection. The report presents a summary of our findings, judgements and any enforcement activity that we may have taken. 

The report focuses on what our findings mean for the public. If we find examples of outstanding practice during inspection, we describe them in the report to enable other providers to learn and improve. We also describe any concerns we find about the quality of care. The report sets out any evidence we have found about a breach of the regulations and other legal requirements.

Evidence tables

The evidence that we have used to arrive at our ratings decisions will be available in a separate evidence table, which we publish alongside the inspection report. This includes relevant CQC Insight data. Separate evidence tables help to make the reports shorter and more accessible.

Quality checks

Before publishing, we carry out quality and consistency checks on all reports to ensure that our judgements are consistent.