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Inadequate example: Responding to the population's needs and feedback, appointments

  • Organisations we regulate

Key question: responsive?

Population group: All groups

This example relates to Key Line of Enquiry (KLOE) R3: Can people access care and treatment in a timely way?

When we inspected

The practice had not carried out a comprehensive review of patients’ needs with a plan to consider any improvements. Patients were not happy with access to appointments; this was because the practice was only open in the mornings. The practice did not have a website or access to online services.

Why this is inadequate?

This practice had not tried to understand the needs of the local population and services were planned without consideration of people’s needs. It also does not meet the needs of the population in offering suitable appointments or providing accessible information about what the practice offers and when.

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Last updated:
10 August 2017


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