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How staff, teams and services work together: code snippet for healthcare assessment framework

E4. How well do staff, teams and services work together within and across organisations to deliver effective care and treatment?

E4.1 Are all necessary staff, including those in different teams, services and organisations, involved in assessing, planning and delivering care and treatment?

E4.2 How is care delivered and reviewed in a coordinated way when different teams, services or organisations are involved?

E4.3 How are people assured that they will receive consistent, coordinated, person-centred care and support when they use, or move between different services?

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Does not apply to
GP practices
GP out-of-hours
NHS 111

E4.4 Are all relevant teams, services and organisations informed when people are discharged from a service? Where relevant, is discharge undertaken at an appropriate time of day and only done when any necessary ongoing care is in place?

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Applies to
NHS acute and
independent hospitals only

E4.5 How are high-quality services made available that support care to be delivered seven days a week and how is their effect on improving patient outcomes monitored?

Last updated:
11 August 2017


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