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Vision and strategy: outstanding

  • Organisations we regulate

W1. Is there a clear vision and credible strategy to deliver high-quality care and support, and promote a positive culture that is person-centred, open, inclusive and empowering, which achieves good outcomes for people?

Characteristics of services we would rate as outstanding in this area

People say that the way the service is led is exceptional and distinctive. Its vision and values are imaginative and people are at the heart of the service. They were developed with people and staff in meaningful and creative ways and are monitored and owned by everyone. The service has a strategy and supporting objectives that are stretching and challenging, but realistic and achievable. Staff are strongly collaborative.

Staff are motivated by and proud of the service. There are consistently high levels of constructive engagement with people and staff from all equality groups. Managers develop their leadership skills and those of others.

There is a strong organisational commitment and effective action towards ensuring that there is equality and inclusion across the workforce. There are high levels of satisfaction across all staff.

Last updated:
21 August 2017


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