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Troubleshooting the provider information return

  • Organisations we regulate

Here you'll find the issues we've been told about. These tips will help you when completing the provider information return.

Make sure your security settings are not set too high when trying to access the link.

Try to use the most up-to-date browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox work best).

Make sure you access the form through the link in the letter we sent to the registered manager (not the nominated individual).

PIR invitation email not received

The invitation email may have been filtered out by your spam filter and sent to a ‘junk’ folder. Check this first. If you still cannot find the email, contact us to confirm which email address we sent the invitation to.

If you have changed your email address but not told us about the change, you must complete this statutory notification form to update your contact details. It is part of a registered provider’s responsibilities to ensure CQC is notified whenever their registration details or email address for service of documents change.

On screen difficulties

If you have any of these issues:

  • some answer boxes are disappearing
  • sometimes we save the link and when we go to resume we have lost our information
  • the page is frozen

Make sure:

  • you're using the most up-to-date browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox work best)
  • you only use the ‘back’ or ‘next’ buttons within the PIR form - do not use the browser’s back button
  • you have cleared your cache
  • only one person can access the PIR
  • you have not included any special characters. These are apostrophe, pound sign, bullet point, hyphen, quotation mark, dashes and multiple dots
  • if you are reviewing your answers, do not go back and leave an empty response - when you resume the form it will take you back to that page. It may also mean that the form then needs to be resent to you.
  • if the answer box is missing or the page has frozen, you may need to save your form and return to it later. If there are server issues it may be advisable to return to it the next day

No summary screen or confirmation email

If you have not yet submitted the form, check you have entered the correct email address in the PIR. We automatically send a copy of your submitted form to the email address on the form.

Check you have submitted the form. You may have completed and saved the form but not submitted it.

Check your email ‘junk’ or ‘spam’ folder. If you still need a copy of the form you submitted, contact us to ask for a copy.

No submit button

Make sure you have scrolled down to the bottom of the page and all along to the edge of the page to check for the 'submit' button.

Contact us

If these suggestions do not solve your problems, email

Confirm you have followed the guidance above and provide the following information:

  • location ID
  • username - you'll find this at the top of your PIR invitation letter
  • the time this happened
  • the page number or box that is missing
  • how long you have had the issue
Last updated:
24 February 2020