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Supporting people to live healthier lives: good

  • Organisations we regulate

E5. How are people supported to live healthier lives, have access to healthcare services and receive ongoing healthcare support?

Characteristics of services we would rate as good in this area

People experience positive outcomes regarding their health and wellbeing. Anything that could affect health and wellbeing is identified and action is taken to address this.

The service ensures that people receive information about their care and support options, including information about their likely outcomes. Staff are given time to explain information to people who cannot read or understand, and to provide alternative ways to communicate where needed.

The service involves people in decisions about their health and encourages people to make choices, in line with best interest decision-making.

The service makes appropriate and timely referrals to other relevant professionals and services, and acts swiftly on their recommendations.

Health passports and transition plans are developed, maintained and used consistently.

Where appropriate, staff act as advocates for people in their relationships with other services, when this is required.

Last updated:
18 August 2017