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Privacy and dignity: outstanding

  • Organisations we regulate

C3. How are people's privacy, dignity and independence respected and promoted?

Characteristics of services we would rate as outstanding in this area

Respect for privacy and dignity is at the heart of the service's culture and values. It is embedded in everything that the service and its staff do. People and staff feel respected, listened to, and influential.

The service anticipates people's needs and recognises distress and discomfort at the earliest stage. It offers sensitive and respectful support and care.

People are involved in creating and reviewing information and privacy policies so they have complete confidence in them.

People decide who provides their care and support, and when.

The service has a comprehensive understanding of the needs of young adults when they transition from services for young people. It makes sure that they and their families are closely involved in planning their transfer, and finds creative ways of meeting individual needs.

An equality, diversity and human rights approach to supporting people's privacy and dignity is well embedded in the service. Good practice examples show positive outcomes for people in line with this.

Last updated:
21 August 2017


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