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Nutrition and hydration: outstanding

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E3. How are people supported to eat and drink enough to maintain a balanced diet?

Characteristics of services we would rate as outstanding in this area

There is a strong emphasis on the importance of eating and drinking well. The service provides good quality food with a variety of different options to choose from each day. People are fully involved and help to plan their meals with staff, taking nutritional advice into account. Staff are aware of people's individual preferences and patterns of eating and drinking and there is flexibility when needed or requested.

Creative ways have been introduced to encourage food to be as attractive as possible when people are on specific diets, for example soft diets.

Innovative methods and positive staff relationships are used to encourage those who are reluctant or have difficulty in eating and drinking.

The service embraces different cultural, religious and ethical issues around people's choice of food to make sure their wishes are respected. There is a creative approach to food from different cultures, for example making it available on particular days for festive celebrations.

There is positive feedback from dietetic professionals that the service asks for their advice and applies it properly.

Last updated:
18 August 2017


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