Monitoring questions for designated settings

Page last updated: 12 May 2022
Organisations we regulate

During the monitoring call our inspector will focus on these specific key lines of enquiry. You can open the questions to see the type of detail they will be interested in.


S5: How well are people protected by the prevention and control of infection?

Is designated setting switched on?

  • Is your service being used as a designated setting?
  • If not, why not?
  • Is this likely to be resolved soon?


  • Are staff deployed effectively to minimise the risk of the spread of infection?
  • Have you had to make any changes to their planned staffing of the designated setting, including domestic staff? If so, why?
  • Have you been able to maintain separate staffing groups in the designated setting to the rest of the service? If not, why not?
  • Have you had any outbreaks amongst your staff?
  • Have you had any resistance from staff working in the designated setting? If so, how are you managing this?


  • Do you have sufficient supplies of appropriate PPE to ensure staff are using it in line with the guidance?
  • Have you had any resistance or anxieties from staff about PPE?
  • How have you addressed any issues or anxieties that have been raised?

Returning home from the designated setting

  • Are people admitted to the designated setting and being discharged back to their usual place of residence in an appropriate and timely manner?
  • Are people receiving appropriate clinical assessment from a qualified healthcare professional at the end of their isolation period?
  • Are there any issues with inappropriate/early discharges from hospital into the service?
  • Any barriers to people returning to their usual place of residence? If so, what are these?


  • What support have you received from your local area networks?
  • Have you had contact and support from your clinical lead?
  • Have you had any support from the local health protection teams and IPC leads?
  • Have you had access to multi-disciplinary support such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy?
  • Were you offered any additional training or support for staff? If so, what and any feedback?
  • Is your insurance due for renewal/any insurance issues?


  • Is there any feedback from people who used the designated setting and their relatives?
  • If applicable, from people who live in other areas of the home and their relatives?
  • Is there any feedback from staff both in and not in the designated setting?
  • Is there any feedback from the manager about how they’ve found the experience of being a designated setting?