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Medicines management

  • Organisations we regulate
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Applies to services that administer medicines as part of providing regulated activity

S4. How does the provider ensure the proper and safe use of medicines?

S4.1 Is the service’s role in relation to medicines clearly defined and described in relevant policies, procedures and training? Is current and relevant professional guidance about the management of medicines followed?

S4.2 How does the service make sure that people receive their medicines (both prescribed and non-prescribed) as intended (including controlled drugs and ‘as required’ medicines), and that this is recorded appropriately?

S4.3 How are medicines ordered, transported, stored, and disposed of safely and securely in ways that meet current and relevant legislation and guidance?

S4.4 Are there clear procedures for giving medicines covertly, in line with the Mental Capacity Act 2005?

S4.5 How does the service make sure that people’s behaviour is not controlled by excessive or inappropriate use of medicines?

S4.6 How do staff assess the level of support a person needs to take their medicines safely, particularly where there are difficulties in communicating, when medicines are being administered covertly, and when undertaking risk enablement assessments designed to promote self-administration?

S4.7 How does the service engage with healthcare professionals in relation to reviews of medicines at appropriate intervals?

S4.8 How do staff make sure that accurate, up-to-date information about people’s medicines is available when people move between care settings? How do medicines remain available to people when they do so?

Last updated:
22 January 2020


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