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Kindness, respect and compassion: requires improvement

  • Organisations we regulate

C1. How does the service ensure that people are treated with kindness, respect and compassion, and that they are given emotional support when needed?

Characteristics of services we would rate as requires improvement in this area

People who use the service and other stakeholders may have concerns about the way some staff treat people. People are not always treated with dignity, kindness or respect.

Staff do not always remember people's preferences, or have enough time to find out what they are. Staff can be more focused on tasks than people and their wellbeing. Support can be inconsistent and not always respectful.

The service does not always understand the importance of ensuring that staff have the skills and time to recognise when and how to give people compassionate support when they need it. As a result, staff may not recognise when people need personal support. If they do, they do not always have time to give it themselves, or to ensure that someone else does.

Staff do not sit and talk with people for a meaningful length of time. People's families may not be aware that support is available and can feel isolated as a result.

Staff do not always explain things clearly or in accessible ways that people can understand. People do not always get the time they need to respond.

Last updated:
21 August 2017


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