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Involving people in decisions about their care

  • Organisations we regulate

C2. How does the service support people to express their views and be actively involved in making decisions about their care, support and treatment as far as possible?

C2.1 Do staff recognise when people need and want support from their carers, advocates or representatives to help them understand and be involved in their care, treatment and support? How do staff help people to get this support?

C2.2 Do staff make sure they give information to people, their families and other carers about external bodies, community organisations and advocacy services that can provide independent support and advice, answer questions about their care, treatment and support, and, where necessary, advocate for them? How does the service support people to contact and use these services?

C2.3 Does the service give staff the time, training and support they need to provide care and support in a compassionate and personal way? Are rotas, schedules and practical arrangements organised so that staff have time to listen to people, answer their questions, provide information, and involve people in decisions?

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22 January 2020


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