Governance and management

Page last updated: 12 May 2022
Organisations we regulate

W2. Does the governance framework ensure that responsibilities are clear and that quality performance, risks and regulatory requirements are understood and managed?

W2.1 Do staff receive feedback from managers in a constructive and motivating way, which enables them to know what action they need to take?

W2.2 Where required, is there a registered manager in post?

W2.3 Does the registered manager understand their responsibilities, and are they supported by the board/trustees, the provider and other managers to deliver what is required?

W2.4 Are all relevant legal requirements understood and met, including CQC registration requirements, safety and public health related obligations, and the submission of notifications and other required information? Do managers understand recommendations made by CQC, keep up-to-date with all relevant changes, and communicate them effectively to staff?

W2.5 How does the service make sure that responsibility and accountability is understood at all levels so that governance arrangements are properly supported? Do staff know and understand what is expected of them?

W2.6 Are there clear and transparent processes for staff to account for their decisions, actions, behaviours and performance?

W2.7 How does the service make sure that its approach to quality is integral and all staff are aware of potential risks that may compromise quality?

W2.8 How does the service assure itself that it has robust arrangements (including appropriate internal and external validation) to ensure the security, availability, sharing and integrity of confidential data, and records and data management systems, in line with data security standards? Are lessons learned when there are data security breaches?