Equality, diversity and human rights: adult social care services

Page last updated: 11 December 2023
Organisations we regulate

During inspections we will check:

  • whether services work in a person-centred way to meet the needs of people from all equality groups, for example lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people
  • whether services are meeting the Accessible Information Standard, which looks at how providers identify, record, flag, share information about, and meet the information and communication needs of people relating to disability, impairment or sensory loss
  • how leaders and managers are promoting equality, diversity and human rights in their service, including for their staff
  • whether people from different groups have equal access to care pathways and  all parts of the service.

CQC has published equality objectives for the period 2017-19. Read more about our equality objectives.

Read more about our overall approach to human rights in our regulation of care services.