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Accessible premises: requires improvement

  • Organisations we regulate

E5. How are people supported to live healthier lives, have access to healthcare services and receive ongoing healthcare support?

Characteristics of services we would rate as requires improvement in this area

The service involves those people who can easily communicate their wishes in decisions about the environment, but people who cannot communicate easily are not involved and they are not asked for their views. When changes are made to the environment, these are often made without consultation.

People's cultural and support needs are not always taken into account when the premises are adapted or decorated.

The physical environment is not decorated or adapted to a consistent standard to meet people's needs, or can feel impersonal. Facilities and premises are not designed in an accessible way. Private space is not always available for people to spend time with visitors or spend time alone. Gardens and other outdoor spaces may be inaccessible, and risk assessments have not been carried out or are out of date.

Some specialist and adaptive equipment is provided, but this is not always available. The service is not aware of innovations in new technology and equipment in care and support and of the positive impact this can have on outcomes for people who use the service.

Last updated:
16 October 2017


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