Registering and monitoring services

Page last updated: 25 August 2022


Before a care provider can carry out any of the activities that we regulate, they must register with us and satisfy us that they meet a number of requirements.

Why do care providers need to register with us?

We use registration to check whether care providers can meet a number of legal requirements. These include fundamental standards of quality and safety.

How do we assess the people who apply?

When we look at information about applicants and the services they intend to provide, we make judgements about:

  • Whether we think they're suitable.
  • Whether there are enough staff and whether they've got the right skills, qualifications and experience.
  • The size, layout and design of the places where they intend to provide care.
  • Their policies, systems and procedures and how effective we think they'll be.
  • How they're run and how they plan to make decisions.

You can search for services that have registered with us on our website.

Monitoring services

Once a service has registered with us, we monitor them continuously. The information we gather helps us to see how services are performing between inspections.

Find out more about how we use information to monitor services.