Page last updated: 4 June 2024

We have the power to prosecute health and social care providers in England. We can do this if a provider fails to give safe, high-quality care and we think this is intentional or avoidable.

Who we can prosecute

We can prosecute organisations or individuals. We can do this even if they are not registered with us. In fact, it's a criminal offence to carry out certain activities without registering.

We must bring the prosecution within 3 years of the date of the offence.

What we prosecute for

In our guidance for providers, you'll find more information about:

Download details of individual prosecutions

This spreadsheet gives details of all the prosecutions we have brought.

It includes sentences, costs and fines. The money raised by fines is paid to the Treasury.

We update the spreadsheet on the first Tuesday of every month, unless there have been no new prosecutions since our last update.