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Experts by Experience procurement

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We are seeking expressions of interest from organisations who wish to participate in market engagement activity for the future procurement of the Experts by Experience programme.


Experts by Experience are people who have experience of using (or caring for someone who uses) health and/or social care services. They take part in our inspections of health and social care services and our visits to monitor the application of the Mental Health Act in health and social care settings. Experts by Experience will also help us in other ways, including gathering intelligence from the public about services in local areas to inform our regulatory practise. They also take part in consultations and with delivering staff training.

To help us develop our ways of working, we envisage that the day-to-day activities of Experts by Experience will be managed by an external organisation(s) on our behalf. This which will involve co-ordinating and arranging activities including (but not limited to):

  • Sourcing a diverse range of  individuals that meet the Experts by Experience profiles outlined below
  • Interviewing individuals to ensure they are suitable for the role of Experts by Experience
  • Undertaking all pre-appointment/background checks (e.g. DBS checks) on all Experts by Experience and any support workers they may have
  • Carry out training of Experts by Experience, both in conjunction with CQC and separately
  • Organise any reasonable adjustments to enable Experts by Experience to perform their work
  • Allocate appropriate Experts by Experience for inspections, Mental Health Act visits and other activities
  • Remuneration of Experts by Experience and their support workers for carrying out their work
  • Provide both ongoing support  and performance management to Experts by Experience – including support around benefits, and emotional support where necessary
  • Address any performance issues of Experts by Experience in a timely and appropriate manner
  • Take part in meetings and discussions with our Programme Management Team
  • Take part in programme development activities.

Through that organisation, we requires access to Experts by Experience with the following (but not limited to) experience or background:

  • Person or a primary family carer of someone with experience of using residential services
  • Primary family carer of person with severe/complex Learning Disabilities (LD) with experience of residential services
  • Person or primary family carer of someone with experience of using Domiciliary Care services
  • Primary family carer of person with severe/complex LD with experience of DCA services
  • Person with lived experience of Mental Health (MH) inpatients care
  • Children and young person or primary family carer of someone with experience of using MH services
  • Person with experience of detention under the Mental Health Act
  • Person with an eating disorder
  • Younger adults
  • Person with experience of substance misuse services
  • Person with an acquired brain injury

What do Experts by Experience do?

During inspections, Experts by Experience speak to people using services and their family or organisations that support them. They may also observe how the service is delivered and speak to staff. Their findings are used to support the inspectors’ judgments on services and may be included in inspection reports.

Experts by Experience also take part in our other activities such as assisting in training inspectors and taking part in working groups.

Anticipated duration of contract(s)

The duration of any future contract for the delivery of the Experts by Experience programme will be determined following the completion of market engagement activity.

Procurement process and anticipated timeline

The specific procurement process which we will use will also be determined following the completion of market engagement activity. Owing to the scope and anticipated value of the future contract, however, any process will be undertaken in compliance with the provisions of the Public Contract Regulations 2015.

Date Activity
April to October 2017 Setting the outline requirement
October to Dec 2017 Pre-procurement – market engagement to inform requirement
December 2017 to February/March 2018 Pre-procurement – requirements finalisation (further engagement)
March to August 2018 Procurement – invitation to tender and evaluation
August 2018 Contract notice in line with 6 months obligation notice period
September 2018 Contract award
October 2018 – January 2019 Mobilisation
February 2019 Deployment of new contract for service

Market engagement - expression of interest

We will be carrying out market engagement activities with interested organisations to inform future development and refine the ExE requirements.

Organisations who wish to express an interest in participating in any future procurement exercise are also requested to confirm their interest in taking part in the marketing engagement process. Events have been scheduled to take place on:

  • 27 October - Leeds
  • 15 November - London
  • 21 November - Birmingham

To express an interest in attending one of these market engagement events please contact

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11 October 2017


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