How we rate trusts for their use of resources

Page last updated: 12 May 2022

When we inspect most types of NHS trust, we publish reports and ratings on how well they use their resources.

NHS Improvement is the organisation that carries out these assessments. We work closely with NHS Improvement to reach a final rating for the trust's use of resources.

What the assessment looks at

NHS Improvement's assessment looks at how efficiently the trust manages things like:

  • workforce
  • estates and facilities
  • technology
  • how it buys goods and services
  • finances

The rating helps show if the trust offers value for the money it gets. Using its resources well is important so it can keep offering a high standard of care in the future.

A combined rating covers the trust's use of resources and quality of care

When we rate trusts on their use of resources, we also publish a combined rating. This covers both the trust's use of resources and the quality of care it provides. The rating for the way it uses its resources has the same importance as each of its ratings for quality.

The type of trusts we give these ratings to

We rate most acute care trusts for their use of resources. We do not give this type of rating to specialist trusts, like Moorfields Eye Hospital, or mental health or community trusts.

NHS Improvement began carrying out the assessments in October 2017. We publish the reports and ratings alongside our own on this website.