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New care models

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NHS England's Five year forward view pictures a range of new ways of breaking down the traditional divide between primary care, community services and hospitals.

This will need new models of care, designed around the reality of a person's experience as opposed to how different services are structured. Managing long-term conditions is now a central task of the NHS and caring for these needs requires a partnership with patients over the long term rather than providing single, unconnected episodes of care. In short, services need to be joined up around the patient.

Along with our system partners, we will support services to innovate, collaborate and improve - while ensuring that people continue to receive high quality care.

Our supportive approach is designed to ensure regulation is not an unnecessary barrier to innovation, but continues to protect people from harm.

You can read more about our supportive offer in David Behan’s letter to providers and CQC’s statement of intent.

Questions and answers

As new models of care take shape, we've received a number of questions about issues like registration and inspection. You'll find the answers in this document. If you have any additional questions, you'd like to send us feedback or if you're a vanguard site and you want to find out who your CQC contact is, please contact

Last updated:
29 May 2017


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