Looking at the quality of care pathways

Page last updated: 12 May 2022

This work looked at how well the 'system' delivers joined-up care for people under specific circumstances.

We carried out a programme of themed reviews, which included:

Integrated care for older people

This review explores how well care is organised and coordinated for older people and how this affects the quality of the care they receive and their outcomes.

End of life care

'A different ending' is our review looking at end of life care.

Neonatal care

This review will look at whether there is assurance that guidance and processes are sufficiently detailed for certain types of risks in care for new-born babies and infants.

Safety in hospitals

Here we explore how well hospitals investigate when care has gone seriously wrong, and whether they are learning from these cases.

Urgent and emergency care

This review will help us develop a methodology for inspecting urgent and emergency care services that reflects the changing provider landscape.

People's involvement in their own care

'Better care in my hands' looks at how people are involved in their own care published.

Diabetes care in community settings

This review looks at how well people with diabetes are supported by community services to achieve good outcomes.