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Board members

Mark Saxton

Mark took up his position as non-executive director of the Care Quality Commission on 1 March 2018.

He has been a non-executive director of Yeovil Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, during which he has chaired its committees on workforce and remuneration. Prior to that, Mark held senior management positions in HR and general management in FTSE and NYSE listed companies both internationally and in the UK.

Declaration of interests

For details of Mark Saxton's professional and financial interests that relate to CQC, download his declaration of interests.

Sir John Oldham

Sir John Oldham took up the position of non-executive director of the Care Quality Commission in January 2018.

Sir John is a GP by background. He worked in inner city Manchester and Derbyshire before retiring from clinical practice. He is Adjunct Professor at the Institute of Global Health at Imperial College and was the Chair of the Independent Commission on Whole Person Care.

Jora Gill

Jora is The Economist Group’s Chief Digital Officer. Since he joined the Group in 2014, he has overseen the Group’s infrastructure change to the Cloud and led a transformation of its products and services. This includes a new, and also a fundamental overhaul of its customer service systems to enhance subscriber satisfaction, retention and profitability.

He was previously Chief Technology Officer at Elsevier and also at Standard & Poors.