Services for people who have had a stroke and their carers

Page last updated: 12 May 2022

This review focused on the 'pathway' of care provided to people who had experienced a stroke or a 'mini-stroke' (called a transient ischemic attack) and the impact it had on their carers.

What did the review focus on?

The review was conducted throughout 2010. It focused on the care provided from the point where people prepared to leave hospital to the ongoing treatment and support in their homes.

We looked at health and adult social care, as well as other relevant services throughout this review.

Primary care trusts (PCTs)

The areas covered in the review are based on the boundaries of PCTs.

PCTs and local councils have an important role in assessing peoples’ social needs and commissioning a range of community based support, care and advice services.

Download the reports

Stroke services: National report

Stroke services: National summary report

The results for each PCT area in England are available in two versions.

Visit The National Archives to read documents we used during the review.