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Provider collaboration review: Urgent and emergency care

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This review looked at urgent and emergency care (UEC) in 8 areas of England in October 2020.

We wanted to know whether people were getting the right care at the right time and in the right place, and how collaboration across local areas had made a difference.

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What we did

We looked at urgent and emergency care in eight areas of England in October 2020.

Urgent and emergency care covers a wide range of services that people turn to when they need immediate help, including NHS 111, GP out-of-hours services, urgent treatment centres, urgent dental services, accident and emergency, ambulance services and pharmacies.

What we found

The report shares the overall learning from the review, which falls broadly into the following themes:

  1. Ensuring access
  2. Tackling inequalities
  3. Governance and shared planning
  4. Safety and staff skills
  5. Use of technology

We have previously shared learning examples from the areas that we covered.

We also share some learning in respect of three areas of focus: safeguarding, children and young people, and medicines optimisation.

Looking forward to next winter and beyond, the main challenges we have identified for systems are to:

  • Develop and build on relationships
  • Share important information
  • Understand staffing
  • Understand inequality
  • Embrace technology
Last updated:
24 March 2021