CQC Insight: Issue 14

Published: 16 November 2021 Page last updated: 17 November 2021

In this month’s report, we look at medication safety in NHS trusts, focusing on the role of medication safety officers.

We want these insight reports to help everyone involved in health and social care to learn from what we know through our conversations and regulatory activity. This includes:

  • sharing and reflecting on what has gone well
  • understanding and learning what hasn't
  • helping health and care systems work together better in the future.

Medicines safety in NHS trusts

In this section, we look at our review of medication safety in 95% of England’s NHS trusts. This was focused on the role of medication safety officers.

Section 1: Medicines safety in NHS trusts

Latest data

We update our regular data on:

  • the number of death notifications by care homes
  • ONS data on all weekly deaths in England compared with the average for 2015-2019.

Section 2: Latest data


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CQC Insight: Issue 14

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