COVID-19 Insight: Issue 2

Published: 15 June 2020 Page last updated: 17 June 2020

In this report, we explain the information we have gathered on the pressures that services and local systems have faced and the efforts that have been made to tackle them.

We want these insight reports to help everyone involved in health and social care to work together to learn from the first stages of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. This includes:

  • sharing and reflecting on what has gone well
  • understanding and learning from the experience of what hasn't
  • helping health and care systems prepare better in the future.

This issue is divided into three main chapters and we've also published all the data as a separate section.

How providers are working together across systems in response to coronavirus

In this chapter, we look at:

  • the importance of local systems
  • the things that support good collaboration
  • how leaders have worked together to plan and deliver services
  • the factors that have stopped providers working together more.

We have included three examples of collaboration between services to help show how this can work well.

Chapter 1: Working together across systems

How the care for people from different groups is being managed

In this chapter, we look at information about the deaths from coronavirus of people:

  • with a learning disability
  • detained under the Mental Health Act (MHA)
  • from black and minority ethnic groups within social care settings.

Chapter 2: The care of people from different groups

Focus on primary care

In this chapter, we look at the changing face of GP and online primary care services. This includes:

  • what we've heard from primary care services about how they've worked during the pandemic
  • the number - and type - of GP appointments taking place
  • changes in the use of the NHS 111 service.

Chapter 3: Focus on primary care

Our data

In this issue, we've updated the graphs and maps we published last time and included some more key pieces of data. These include:

  • numbers of outbreaks in care homes
  • availability of personal protective equipment (PPE) in homecare services
  • staff absences in homecare services
  • numbers of deaths of people in care homes, people detained under the MHA and people with a learning disability
  • proportion of deaths in social care services due to coronavirus by ethnic group.

Chapter 4: Our data

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COVID-19 Insight: Issue 2

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