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Winterbourne View update

26 June 2011

Winterbourne View, the hospital featured in the recent Panorama programme, has closed. New accommodation has been found for all the hospital’s patients.

With our regulatory action underway, the hospital’s owner, Castlebeck, agreed to close Winterbourne View. We had served Castlebeck with a notice of proposal – the route we need to follow when we want a service to close.

Castlebeck told us it would not be seeking to challenge our decision about the closure of Winterbourne View, so we do not expect the company to oppose the formal notice of decision that will lead to the withdrawal of its registration to provide services at the hospital. 

Until now, we have been unable to report on this enforcement action. Restrictions enshrined in the legislation  prevent us from going into any detail, in public, until the provider confirms in writing that it will not appeal against the notice of decision. At that point, we can publish details of the enforcement action taken.

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29 May 2017