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Support for our inspection changes

17 October 2013
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We’ve published your responses to our consultation on our work and how we will inspect, regulate and monitor services.

The responses we received from the public, people who use services, carers, our own staff, professionals and voluntary organisations show that there is agreement with our new approach.

Our plans covered:


The number of people we engaged with during the consultation period

  • inspecting, regulating and monitoring different services in different ways based on what has the most impact on improving the quality.
  • the five key questions we will ask when we inspect.
  • specialist inspectors.
  • larger, expert inspection teams.
  • more use of people with experience of care (also known as Experts by Experience) in inspection teams.
  • intelligent monitoring of NHS acute hospitals and indicators that may reveal poor care.
  • rating services.
  • the introduction of a statutory ‘duty of candour’ to make sure those who provide care services tell people about any problems that have affected the quality of care.

What next?

We are looking at areas of the consultation that need further clarification - like the need for both fundamental standards and expected standards and the frequency of inspections.

We will carry out further work with the public, providers, stakeholders and our own staff to do this.

David Behan, CQC Chief Executive, said: "These changes enable us to deliver our purpose of making sure health and social care services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care, and to encourage services to improve.

"We are very pleased that our proposals have clear public support. We will take on board all the comments we’ve received, including where people have expressed concerns, as we develop these changes further, continuing to work with people to do so."

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