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Statement from Dr Rosie Benneyworth on the Government’s Amendment to the Health and Care Bill

20 October 2021

In response to the publication today of a new government amendment to the Health and Care Bill, which sets out new powers for CQC to have oversight of Integrated Care Systems (ICSs), Dr Rosie Benneyworth, Chief Inspector of Primary Medical Services and Integrated Care, said: "This amendment supports health and care systems to be held accountable and encourages the shift towards more integrated services and improved outcomes for people.

"As part of our new role, we want to offer meaningful independent assurance to the public and parliament about how ICSs deliver safe, high-quality care to their local population. We have been working closely with the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS England and other stakeholders to start to develop some of the details around this important role. We expect our work to focus on assessing leadership, integration of services and care pathways, as well as quality and safety. It is vital that our new role adds value and does not duplicate NHS England’s existing oversight activities.

"These new powers, as well as separate proposals in the Bill regarding assurance of how local authorities deliver their duties under the Care Act, will support us to deliver the objectives in our new strategy by allowing us to look more effectively at how the care provided in a local system is improving outcomes for people and reducing inequalities in their care.

"Our regulatory approach will be driven by people’s needs and experiences. This means we will work in partnership with people who use health and social care services, their families, voluntary sector organisations, health & social care providers and other key stakeholders as we design our approach to looking at systems over the coming months."

Last updated:
20 October 2021