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Reporting concerns about the Liverpool Care Pathway

12 December 2012
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Find out which organisation to contact if you are a member of staff at a health or social care service and want to report a concern about the Liverpool Care Pathway.

The Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) is intended to alleviate suffering for people with terminal illnesses or those close to death.

The staff treating the patient must work together as a team to determine when it is appropriate to implement the LCP. They must make this decision with the patient and those close to them.

The relevant regulators need to be informed if any person believes that the LCP has been inappropriately implemented.

Report a concern

You can contact us if you have any concerns about the way a member of staff has implemented the LCP. Email us at or call us on 03000 616161.

You may also want to call the organisations below.

Visit the General Medical Council for more information about the LPC.

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29 May 2017