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No change to CQC fees scheme

29 October 2020
  • Organisations we regulate

The CQC fees scheme, which covers all our costs of regulation, including registration, monitoring and inspection, will not change next year – in 2021/22.

This means that, for most providers, their fees will remain the same as in 2019/20 and 2020/21, providing their registration or size does not change. As this year, NHS trusts, NHS GPs and community social care providers may see a small change to their fees from April 2021 (up or down), because each provider’s fee is calculated by looking at their size against the total size of the sector, both of which change year-on-year. However, the total fees collected for each sector will not change.

Since we are only required to consult when there is a change to our fees scheme, we will not be consulting on fees this year.

By keeping our fees scheme unchanged, providers can benefit from a known fee when setting budgets. We know this is a particularly challenging and uncertain period for providers across health and social care and we will continue to do all we can to support those delivering care at this time.

Since our fees scheme will remain the same in 2021/22 as in the last two years, you can find the fees scheme, guidance and calculator at

Last updated:
29 October 2020