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Meet a CQC inspector on National Care Home Open Day

6 June 2013
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Nearly 100 CQC inspectors will be attending a number of homes across the country as part of National Care Home Open Day on 21 June 2013.

What is National Care Home Open Day?

On 21 June, thousands of homes across the country will open their doors to the public for a day of events and activities aimed at bringing residents and local communities together.

Visit National Care Home Open Day for more information on participating homes and the events they will be running.

Meet a CQC inspector

If you come across one of our inspectors during the open day, you can speak with them about quality of care, areas to look out for when choosing a care home and more.

David Behan, CQC Chief Executive, said: “(National Care Home Open Day) is a good opportunity for us to meet the public and listen to what they have to say. We also want to explain more about what we do and the care people have a right to expect.”

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