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King’s Fund report on our impact

27 September 2018
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We welcome the findings of the report 'Impact of the Care Quality Commission on provider performance', published today by The King’s Fund and Alliance Manchester Business School.

The report researches the inspection approach we introduced in 2013. It looks at its effect between 2015 and 2018 across acute hospitals, mental health, general practice and social care in six areas of England.

The research found most providers thought this approach was a significant improvement on the previous system. However, the report also highlighted some areas for improvement. It recommended we focus more on regular, less formal contact with providers and suggested we use a wider range of up-to-date data to prioritise inspections.

The report also recognised that our current strategy directly addresses a number of the recommendations and issues raised by the report. It  also welcomed our new focus on developing stronger, improvement-focused relationships with providers and system-wide approaches to regulating quality.

In response to the report, Ian Trenholm, our Chief Executive, said:

“We welcome the findings of this report on the regulatory model we introduced in 2013, the recommendations it offers and the support it gives to the changes we have already made and are continuing to make in line with our strategy.

“We are already placing greater emphasis on relationship management, the development of system-wide approaches to monitoring quality, and the introduction of CQC insight and intelligence driven assessment."

“In an environment of pressure and change, we’ll continue to evolve our model to support the system to improve - and take action to protect people where necessary.”

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27 September 2018