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GPs have "valued, senior role" to play, says inspector

18 July 2014
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In an interview published today by GP magazine, Dr Ken Aswani, who became a CQC inspector earlier this year, gives a keen endorsement of his role and encourages other GPs to get involved.

A London GP for almost 20 years, Dr Aswani joined the growing number of experienced clinicians whose expertise is a crucial plank of our new approach to inspecting health and care services. Pilot inspections of GP practices under the new model began this year, each team including an experienced GP.

Added value of clinical approach

In the interview, Dr Aswani says GPs have a "valued, senior role" on the inspection team and that clinicians have a valuable contribution to make to the new process. "Being the clinician, I think the lead inspector really values that role. So your seniority is very much recognised because they think it's important to have a clinical approach, that's what gives it the added value," he says.

On the inspection team’s approach, he comments that highlighting areas of strength as well as suggesting improvements ­– and focusing on specific areas – has brought positive feedback from practices.


Having already gained experience in GP appraisal work, as a medical director and in primary care strategy and redesign, Dr Aswani says he saw joining the inspection team as a "natural next step".

He is enthusiastic in recommending the role to others. "I would very much encourage other GPs to get involved," he comments, "there's a huge amount to learn and it's very rewarding."

You can read the full interview at GP magazine.

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