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Care Home Open Day

29 May 2015
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Our inspectors and other staff are enthusiastically joining in and supporting the third annual Care Home Open Day event on Friday 19 June.

Care Home Open Day offers care homes the opportunity to throw open their doors, demonstrate the difference they can make to people’s lives, strengthen links with local communities and help celebrate some of the really great care that we frequently see.

This year’s event is focussing on ‘the arts and valuing staff.’

Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care, Andrea Sutcliffe, said: “CQC inspectors regularly see dedicated and kind staff with a passion for providing great care. Care Home Open Day is an important opportunity for local communities to see that too.

"I encourage all care homes to discuss with residents and their relatives how they would like to be involved in Care Home Open Day. While the day itself is a one-off event, I hope it helps to sustain or develop meaningful links between care homes and local communities.

"Bringing these important services out of the shadows will improve everyone's understanding of the vital role care homes have. That's why CQC is supporting Care Home Open Day again this year. Good luck to everyone involved - I'm sure it will be a great day!"

Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive at Care England, added: "All the representative bodies from across the UK support Care Home Open Day. It is a great opportunity to celebrate the fantastic care carried out in local communities and the contribution that is made to the lives of so many people and their families, as well as to redress the negative perception so often portrayed by the media.

“We encourage all care homes to take part to showcase what they do day-in and day-out, and invite their local communities to visit.”

Rachael Dodgson, Operations Director at Care Management Group, said: “We have really encouraged our care homes to get involved in Care Home Open Day this year and a number of them have signed up to take part. We think it’s a great initiative and such a good opportunity to build relationships, connections and promote an open and transparent culture.”

See which care homes are taking part.

Show support for Care Home Open Day on Twitter; tweet a picture holding up CQC’s social media sign @CareQualityComm using the hashtag #CHOD2015.

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