3 Lives report

Published: 18 June 2014 Page last updated: 3 November 2022

The stories of how three young people and their families were let down by learning disability services are at the heart of our new report with the Challenging Behaviour Foundation (CBF).

The report, called ‘3 Lives’, looks at the experiences of three young people with learning disabilities.

  • Connor - who tragically died at an assessment and treatment centre after he was found unconscious after a seizure whilst unsupervised in a bath. 
  • Kayleigh - who spent 10 years in assessment and treatment centers, including Winterbourne View.
  • Lisa - who was kept for the majority of the time in a locked area at an assessment and treatment centre with staff interacting with her through a small letterbox style hatch.

The main message from these stories is that the care they received:

  • was not based on their individual needs.
  • did not put them and their families at the heart of their care.

Read the full report below...

3 Lives report: Young people living with learning disabilities

What next?

Our inspection programme of services for people with learning disabilities and their families will focus on how people are cared for. Inspections will include Experts by Experience in the inspections and they will place a much greater emphasis upon the lived experience of individuals and the actions/outcomes being achieved to support their discharge.

We will align, and where possible integrate, our duties under the Mental Health Act with our programme of inspections of mental health and learning disability services.

Working with the Challenging Behaviour Foundation…

Together with CBF, we will write to the Office for Disability Issues and the Department of Health to ask how they will address wider strategic independent advocacy issues.

We will also put together a group of interested and skilled lawyers to clearly set out the legal issues involved in the three stories shared, so that people’s legal rights are explained, and legal recourse is available.

Read the full report above for more information on the action that will be taken.