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Vaccination as a condition of deployment in health and social care settings: our role

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Published: 20 December 2021

This week, parliament passed new legislation on vaccination requirements for staff in healthcare. From 1 April 2022, COVID-19 vaccination will be a requirement for staff providing face-to-face care in healthcare and those social care settings not covered by the existing legislation.

Vaccination is an important measure in protecting people. Throughout the pandemic, we have encouraged providers to support their staff to have the vaccine unless they are exempt.

Our role

CQC does not decide the regulations. Our role is to regulate against them when they become law.

When the new regulations come into force, we will use our existing assessment approach and enforcement policy.

We'll take a proportionate approach to ensure the welfare and safety of people using services. We'll always consider individual circumstances when we carry out assessments and when we decide if we need to take action.

Who to contact if you have concerns

It's important to understand we cannot respond to concerns about the decision to introduce this requirement.

If you wish to raise concerns, we recommend contacting the Department of Health and Social Care, who own this policy.

Contact the Department of Health and Social Care


Vaccination has been a condition of deployment in care homes since 11 November.

The government carried out a consultation over plans for a similar requirement in other health and social care settings.

The new regulations amend the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014.

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20 December 2021