Earwax removal treatments – do you need to register?

Page last updated: 12 May 2022
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Published: 19 January 2022

Earwax build-up is a natural physiological problem that can result in a health problem or can worsen the symptoms of an existing medical condition, leading a person to seek assistance from a professional.

Our position on earwax removal treatments, and whether they are in scope of CQC registration, is that whichever type of treatment is used, earwax removal is a regulated activity if:

  • the person and a listed health care professional both agree there is a problem that needs an intervention; and
  • the treatment is carried out by a listed healthcare professional.

If this applies to you, you must register with CQC for the regulated activity of Treatment of disease, disorder or injury.

All providers that carry on a regulated activity listed in the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities Regulations) Regulations 2014 must register with us. Section 10 of the Health and Social Care Act makes it clear that anyone who carries on a regulated activity without being registered is guilty of an offence.

Contact us if you are unclear whether you are carrying on a regulated activity and need to register.