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local system review

Oxfordshire health and social care: significant improvements made but more work required says CQC review

The Care Quality Commission has found significant improvements in services for older people in Oxfordshire. 

CQC has published a report on progress made since a local system review of Oxfordshire that was published last year. The review looked specifically at how people move through the health and social care system, with a focus on how hospitals, community health services, GP practices, care homes and homecare agencies work together.

Area data profiles

These profiles give a picture of the health and social care system by area. They bring together data to give an indication of how different services work together.

We used national data to build a set of cross-sector indicators. The profiles show how well the system in each area performs against them.

On their own, these profiles do not imply a judgement about how well areas perform. It's important to look at a wider range of indicators and information held locally.