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Your mental health care: Nick's story


A few years ago, after a difficult time at work, I realised that I needed to do something about the feelings of anxiety and depression I was having.

When I felt that I was at my lowest point, I picked up the phone and called my GP surgery. As usual, I was able to get an appointment the same day.

I explained my situation and how I was feeling to my GP. Beforehand, I was afraid that I might feel that I was being rushed out the door or that what I was feeling was trivial.

Instead, I felt I was listened to and that I was given enough time to talk through my feelings. At every step I was taken seriously, and was reassured that what I was experiencing was real and that it was not unusual to feel this way.

From the outset I felt that I was in a very safe pair of hands.

When it came to discussing treatment, I expressed my hesitations about taking medication. My GP was sensitive to my views and opinions and I never felt that I was pushed towards one treatment plan.

In the end, I moved forward with a plan that included medication, exercise and counselling. While I was on the medication, I was scheduled for regular check-ups with my GP to check how I was progressing, and when I came off the medication I was also monitored closely to make sure that I was feeling OK.

I no longer have regular check-ups, but I still see the same GP and he always asks me how I am feeling in a friendly and non-intrusive way.

My experience was extremely positive – I can’t find anything to fault. I felt that my GP was on my side and I received great care.

Last updated:
29 May 2017


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