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Your mental health care: Lisa's story

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Up until recently I was a very confident, fun-loving and active woman. A year after I was married my husband and I conceived, only to find out during our 12 week scan that our baby had died. I hit a low. With the help of counselling, a magnificent GP and family and friends I was able to pick myself back up again.

Later that year I was diagnosed with IBS, which made me housebound and unable to work my amazing job as an air hostess. After continued trouble to conceive, my husband and I also found out that we will have difficulties getting pregnant.

Needless to say, I’ve had an extremely difficult few years.

When I started to see my GP for my IBS, she recognised signs that I was also experiencing anxiety attacks and low mental health. At the same time, she referred me to Insight Healthcare, a therapy program.

Both my GP and Insight have been incredible.

My GP is very caring and she has always made me feel supported and that I was not alone – experiencing low mental health happens to a lot of people and that it isn’t just me.

I feel listened to and taken seriously. My GP talked me through all the different treatment and support options available to me. But she also involved me in those decisions. When I was unsure about increasing a dosage on a medication, she was patient and reassuring with me and talked me through the options. She has always listened to any concerns I have.

I also know that my GP is in my corner – she keeps in touch with me to check on my progress and I know that I can always lean on her for help and support.

If I had to offer GPs advice on how to support someone with a mental health condition, I would say to be patient. Don’t be judgemental and don’t assume anything – instead ask questions. And most importantly, listen to them and show a bit of care.

I also want to tell people who might be experiencing low mental health that it can happen to anyone and it can come out of nowhere. Don’t be ashamed about having these feelings, seek help. Talk to your family, don’t be ashamed! Eventually, I was able to talk to my husband and my family and without them I would have been lost. They were fantastically supportive and actively read up about low mental health to help them understand what I was going through.

Also seek help from your GP or another health professional. Just because you can’t see symptoms of poor mental health, it doesn’t mean they’re not there.

Last updated:
29 May 2017