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Your mental health care: Chris' story

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Earlier this year, due to nasty workplace stress, I attempted suicide. The police were called and were brilliant – really calm and organised. After it, I was detained under Section 136 and taken to Littlemore Hospital.

It was obviously a very traumatic situation to be in, but everything was handled very sensitively. The ambulance paramedics and police that accompanied me were empathetic and not overbearing.

After being assessed by the doctors I was admitted and given an immediate medicine change.

The hospital itself was much better than I was expecting, they were very similar to Travelodge rooms with slightly better security! All the staff I came into contact with were, without exception, helpful and went out of their way to make things seem as ‘normal’ as possible.

This included making sure I could see my daughter every day which was a massive thing for me – right down to little things, like being available to play a game of chess to take your mind of things when needed.

During my stay, the hospital felt like a safe place and although it was a difficult start, it was the nurses and sense of safety the hospital provided that lead to me recovery and discharge in a little over two weeks.

Since being discharged, the follow-up care has been great. I have a fantastic GP and CPN who have seen me every week and managed my medications. I can even walk in without an appointment and they will make time to see me.

After my recovery, I knew I couldn’t go back to my old job because it was too stressful. Since being discharged, I’ve had the opportunity to receive counsellor training and have set up my own non-profit organisation, Text Help. It provides free anonymous text message support to people who are in crisis or need someone to listen.

I would also strongly advise anyone who is going through a tough time to speak with someone, whether that be a best friend, partner, colleague, helpline or medical professional.

Last updated:
29 May 2017


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