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Page last updated: 12 May 2022

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There are nearly 700,000 live births each year in England, and having a baby is the most common reason for a hospital admission.

Our 2015 Maternity Survey found that most expectant and new mothers are experiencing better maternity care when compared to the results from previous years, however, we know that women will have had varied personal experiences.

Mumsnet spoke to women about their maternity care experiences, as part of our campaign.

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Tell us more

If you are pregnant or recently gave birth, we want you to tell us about the care you received, good or bad. By telling us about your experiences, you could stop poor care happening to someone else.

Your experiences

Read the stories of women who have recently used maternity care services, their experiences, and how they feel care could improve.

Outstanding maternity care

Discover what a maternity and gynaecology service is doing to improve maternal care for women at their local NHS trust.

What to do if you experience poor care

If you experience poor care, you should contact the service provider in the first instance. By law, all health and social care services must have a complaints procedure.

If you are unhappy with the response, there are further steps you can take. The organisation you will need to contact will depend on who the provider is. Find out how you can make a complaint.

Our role

Our role as the regulator means that we do not settle individual complaints ourselves, but we still want you to tell us about your experiences of care. Your information is valuable to us. It helps us decide when, where and what to inspect, and to take action to make sure everyone gets good quality care in the future. We also want to hear about good experiences of care.

Your maternity care

Your experiences
Hear women's experiences of maternity services, and how they think care could improve.

Outstanding care
Find out what a maternity and gynaecology service is doing to improve maternal care for women at their local NHS trust. 

Take part in the conversation
Join the conversation on Twitter using the #YourMaternityCare hashtag, or tell us about your care through our website.

2015 maternity survey

Tips on how to choose maternity care