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Maternity care: experiences

Our 2015 Maternity Survey found that most expectant and new mothers are experiencing better maternity care when compared to the results from previous years.

However, we know that know women will have experienced varying levels of care. Here are the stories of women who have recently accessed maternity care services, their personal experiences, and how they think care could improve.

Michelle's story

“I was fortunate to be able to give birth in a birth centre and have a water birth. The environment was so calm and peaceful, and it was a great experience.”

Find out more about Michelle's story.


Becky's story

“I’ve nominated my midwife for an award at my hospital. I feel that she deserves to be recognised for the outstanding care she gave me.”

Find out more about Becky's story.


Sana's story

“Although I had issues with the cleanliness levels in hospital, my midwives were extremely caring and were exceptionally good at their jobs.”

Find out more about Sana's story.


Emma's story

“After my stillbirth, my body was going through changes any new mum experiences. But because I didn’t have a baby, I felt the midwives forgot about me and I wasn’t told how to deal with these changes.”

Find out more about Emma's story.


Laura's story

“I live just a five minute walk from my local hospital, and yet I was turned away due to a lack a beds.”

Find out more about Laura's story.


Harriet's story

“The birth of my son was extremely traumatic. Throughout the experience I felt that I was not listened to and my views were not taken into account.”

Find out more about Harriet's story.



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29 May 2017


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