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Care for older people: Glen's story

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I often hear from people that it isn’t easy to get an appointment at their local surgery and that if their problem isn’t urgent they have to wait up to one week or more to see a GP. This has not been my experience.

The Corner Ways Surgery in Beckenham is fantastic. Almost every time I ring up I’m seen within a few days, and if it’s urgent I’m seen on the same day. They really make an effort to fit you into the schedule.

The entire surgery is very efficient and waiting times once you are at the surgery are very low. The reception staff are very polite and jolly. The GPs at the practice are first class, I can’t fault the service. They’re even happy for me to put up posters advertising my cardiac support group in the waiting room.

I also receive specialist care at Beckenham Beacon. Overall I’ve been very satisfied with the care I’ve received there. At times, the blood test waiting times can be very long but for most other departments I’m seen very promptly.

An area where I see that my local hospitals can improve is in offering support groups for patients. I’ve been visiting cardiac patients as a volunteer for nearly 27 years. Many of the patients I visit need support and information about their cardiac conditions before making important decisions about their care. I would really encourage hospitals to look at ways to offer this type of service to their patients.

Last updated:
29 May 2017


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