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Page last updated: 22 February 2024
Organisations we regulate

You must include specific documents with your application.

We will return your application if you do not include them. You may need to have others ready in case we need more information.

What documents you need depends on your type of service and application.

If you apply through the provider portal it may not list all the documents we now need. Check the up-to-date list for your service and application. To send us extra documents you cannot include in your portal application:

Documents you must include with your application

What type of service are you registering to provide?

  1. Adult social care residential service. For example: residential home, rest home, convalescent home, respite care, mental health crisis house, therapeutic communities, or nursing home.
  1. Domiciliary care agency
  1. Supported living
  1. GP or independent consulting doctor
  1. Online primary care service
  1. Dentist
  1. Ambulance service

If you're unsure which type of service you're registering for, contact our National Customer Service Centre on 03000 61 61 61 or email

5. Statement of purpose

How we define types of service