We have a wide set of powers that allow us to protect the public and hold registered providers and managers to account.

Our enforcement policy explains our approach to taking action where we identify poor care, or where registered providers and managers do not meet the standards required in the regulations. We use our enforcement policy to:

  • Protect people who use regulated services from harm and the risk of harm, and to ensure they receive health and social care services of an appropriate standard.
  • Hold registered providers and managers to account for failures in how the service is provided.

This policy sets out the approach we take to address breaches of regulations and to protect people from harm.

We serve Warning Notices if a registered person fails to meet a condition of their registration or a legal requirement. This guidance explains how we use them and how to make representations.

Our decision tree describes the process that guides how we select and use appropriate enforcement powers.

We can serve Warning Notices under Section 29A to NHS trusts or NHS foundation trusts when we believe the quality of healthcare needs significant improvement.

The offences section sets out what action we take against each of the regulations we're responsible for enforcing.

Find out how we use Notices of Proposal, Notices of Decision and urgent cancellation orders, and how to make representations or appeal.