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How we monitor urgent care services

  • Organisations we regulate

Our inspectors hold information about your services in their portfolios.

We compare this information against local and national data to identify any potential changes in the quality of care – whether it shows improvement or deterioration.

We will analyse this information on an ongoing basis to make sure that our inspectors have the most recent information available about services. This information helps us to plan when and what we inspect. We will include some of the information in your inspection report as evidence to support our judgements about the quality of care.

Over time, we will move towards using CQC Insight to monitor potential changes to the quality of care that you provide. CQC Insight brings together in one place the information that we hold about your urgent care services.

Sources of information

We collect information continuously from a variety of sources, but recognise the lack of national data about urgent care services. We will therefore look for any available information on service activity and patient experience, including from:

  • Integrated Urgent Care KPIs (NHS England)
  • GP Patient Survey for GP out-of-hours (NHS England)
  • local urgent and emergency care groups (local A&E delivery boards)
  • clinical commissioning groups
  • NHS Improvement

To develop and improve how we monitor urgent care services, we will continue to work with providers and other organisations to find out what information we need to look at. We aim to move to an online collection to support this.

Last updated:
24 May 2018


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