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Enforcement action and representations

  • Organisations we regulate

If we find that a registered provider or manager is in breach of the regulations, we take action to make sure they improve.

The action we take will be proportionate to the impact that the breach has on the people who use the service and how serious it is.

We explain our enforcement policy in our guidance about regulations for service providers and managers.

Representations about warning notices

The process for making representations about warning notices is different to that for other types of enforcement action.

If we decide to issue a warning notice, the provider or manager will have 10 working days to make written representations to us.

You can find out more about making representations in the guidance on warning notices below.

The form you will need to send a representation to us is below.

Once you have completed the form, you should send it to

Representations about notices of proposal

For other enforcement action, we will notify the provider of our decision in a notice of proposal.

Providers can make representations about our proposed action before we decide whether to adopt them and serve a notice of decision.

Providers can appeal to an independent tribunal about our notices of decision.

Read our guidance

Find out how to make representations about our enforcement actions.

To make a written representation, download the following form:

Send us the form

Please send us your representations form by attachment to an email to this

We will carefully consider your representations and respond to them within 20 working days.

Last updated:
01 April 2021